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Stanisław Mańczak was a Polish goldsmith and entrepreneur from Poznań. In 1921 he became the owner of a faience factory in Chodzież. Under his leadership, the factory developed, producing high-quality faience products. Unfortunately, in 1934 Mańczak was forced to declare bankruptcy due to a difficult financial situation  . At that time, the factory passed into the hands of the Derzhavna Company of the Faience Factory of Stanisław Mańczak. Although Mańczak lost control of the factory, his name remained associated with faience products produced in Chodzież in the 1920s. Historic faience plates of the Mańczak brand from that period have been preserved, which are a testimony to the activity of his factory. The factory in Chodzież had a long tradition of faience production, dating back to the 19th century. Products from this factory, including Mańczak plates, enjoyed a reputation and were valued for their high quality of workmanship and artistic decorations.

Faience Factory Stanisław Mańczak