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He lived from 1937 to 2022. Czech artist, designer of glass, furniture, jewelry. He also participated in public procurement in cooperation with architects. He gained a reputation as a successful designer of industrial and decorative glass in the environment of Czech applied arts culture. His works are represented in numerous collections of applied art of Czech and foreign institutions, which is why he is also mentioned in professional literature. Here he belongs to the generation of visual artists of the 60s. He studied at a jewellery school and, after graduation, at the University of Applied Arts in Prague. He graduated from the glass sculpture studio of prof. arch. Karel Štipl. At the same time, with the intention of undertaking design practice, he supplemented and perfected manual skills in the disciplines of glass craftsmanship in Kamenické Šenov, Chřibska, Nová Bor, Poděbrady and Světlé nad Sázavou. From 1961 he was employed in the glass industry (Teplice in the Czech Republic). In 1973 he joined the Research and Development Department of the furniture industry at the Directorate-General in Brno. He expressed himself in the materials and techniques available to him, he also worked on special orders. Over the years, he has participated in competitions, federal exhibitions, parades, fairs, several World EXPO exhibitions (with a separate prize) and international symposia. He organized his own exhibitions.

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