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He lived from 1933 to 1999. Visual artist, graphic artist, designer of artistic and applied glass. In the years 1953–1959 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where in 1959 he obtained a diploma at the Faculty of Glass in the studio of Prof. Stanisław Dawski. In the same year he started working at the "Julia" Crystal Glassworks in Szklarska Poręba. Then he worked as a designer in the Porcelain Table Factory in Jaworzyna Śląska. In the years 1960-1967 he managed the design center at the Hortensja Glassworks in Piotrków Trybunalski. From 1968 he worked at the Economic Glassworks ''Dąbrowa''. Since the 70s he has been cooperating with Cepelia, designing for the "Kamionka" Cooperative in Łysa Góra. During his professional career, he also dabbled in graphic design, creating for the Capital Board of Cinemas in Warsaw. His initial work represents the Wrocław school of glass, characterized by simplicity and color restraint. Later, designing for Cepelia, in accordance with the prevailing tendencies at that time, he created highly decorative vessels with a parausian character.

Wiesław Sawczuk's designs are icons of Polish design and can be found in my shop.