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She lived from 1942 to 2023. She began her artistic education at the State High School of Art Techniques in Zakopane, where she attended classes conducted by Antoni Kenar, Antoni Rząsa and Władysław Hasior, m.in. After graduating from the famous Zakopane school, she went to Paris, where she dealt with fashion design. In 1973 she defended her diploma at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A year later, she married the director and screenwriter of documentary films Leszek Nagrabecki. Artists were a tandem not only in private but also in artistic life. Together, they designed and made glass utility and decorative vessels, quickly developing their own, recognizable style. Although most of the works are signed with the name or monogram of Maria Veltuzen, the artist always emphasizes that they were created in close cooperation with her husband. Hand-formed, original works in glass were most often carried out in the steelworks of the Krosno region. In 1981, the artists received a scholarship from the Italian government, which they used to study glass techniques in the glassworks of the outstanding Italian glass artist Lino Tagliapietra on the island of Murano. The Nagrabeckis' works can be found in private and museum collections, m.in in the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

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