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She lived from 1926 to 2022. She obtained her master's degree in 1952 in the field of glass and ceramics design at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (later renamed the Academy of Fine Arts) in Wrocław. From that moment until her retirement, she constantly cooperated with ceramic and glass factories in Lower Silesia. In 1968 she received an award and distinction from the Minister of Construction. Since graduation, he has been a permanent member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Wrocław. From the moment of employment in Jaroszów Refractory Plant in Jaroszów, she became permanently associated with Strzegom. At that time, she also began social activities for the city and the Strzegom Land. In 1975, as the main initiator, she founded the Society of Friends of the Strzegom Land, which in 2015 celebrated the 40th anniversary of its activity. Amanda Rożańska for many years served as the President of the Board of the Society of Friends of the Strzegom Land. It has demonstrated many cultural initiatives related to the protection of regional heritage. The then authorities of Strzegom, appreciating the social commitment of Amanda Rożańska, gave her the title of "Meritorious for the city of Strzegom". She developed and printed many greeting cards with drawings, sketches and poems of her own authorship. She was a co-creator of many historical performances: Strzegom New Year's Nativity Scene, "Princess Anna – or the Battle of Legnica", co-organized the first artistic plein-airs of students of art schools and visual artists from the Polish.

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