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Arc Holdings is the holding company of the Arc Group, specializing in the design and manufacture of glass tableware. The Arc Group sells its collections in France and exports them abroad under the registered trademarks Luminarc, Arcopal, Cristal d'Arques Paris, Arcoroc and Chef & Sommelier. In 1825, Alexander des Lyons de Noircarm founded a glass company called Verrerie des Sept Ecluses. On April 8, 1826, the latter established cooperation with another glassworks. Carpentier-Mancel glassworks, founded in 1823 in Saint-Martin-au-Laërt by Charles Carpentier under his management. On September 5, 1835, the board authorized Carpentier to build a new furnace for the glassworks. On July 3, 1853, the Arques glassworks was taken over by Messrs. Allard and Mr. Ladey. In July 1856, it was destroyed by fire, as a result of which the roofs collapsed. After the reconstruction, the glassworks was taken over by Ladey et Bléchet on March 31, 1863. In 1869, Alexandre des Lyons de Noircarme renounced all his shares in the steelworks. On August 10, 1884, Ladey et Bléchet changed its name to Blechet et Collette, and on October 16, 1886, to Bléchet et compagnie. The glassworks ceased operations in April 1887. It resumed operations in 1893, following the creation of the SA Verrerie et Cristallerie d'Arques on November 19, 1892. On July 26, 1897, it was bought by Prudent Avot in a legal sale. Georges Durand, who worked for three years at the crystal glass factory in Sèvres, became the director. On February 27, 1900, he became a partner in the founding of Avot Durand. On December 11, 1916, the glassworks came under the exclusive control of Georges Durand, who founded the company G. Durand et cie. The glassworks initially became known as one of the industrial jewels of northern France, and over the years it has become an international group and a world leader in the production of tableware. Development began in earnest after the First World War in 1927, when Georges Durand's second son, Jacques, joined the company. In the 1960s, the company mastered the process of making glasses and introduced the "Ballon" glass, the first automatically produced glasses, and other smaller glassware. In 1968, the Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques led the worldwide industrial revolution by introducing the mechanization of crystal glass production. Beginning in the 1980s, the group began to internationalize its production, creating in 1979 the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company (DGMC), a manufacturing subsidiary based in Millville, New Jersey, which began production in 1982.

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